Please read our AGDC Rules carefully and entirely

Event Submission Requirements:
  • In order for any entry to compete in the America’s Gospel Dance Championship event, each entrant must submit an audition video or link to one of their performances with their entry application.  If you already have a video posted online at YouTube, Vimeo, etc., please send us the link to your video.  AGDC reserves the right to refuse any submission.


All participating teams must submit their performance audio/music to AGDC as soon as possible but no later than 10 days prior to date of event.  The submitted format must be in MP3.  Submit audio/music to:

All submitted audio/music must include the dance team’s name and their city.  All music entry must not exceed 7 minutes.

As this is a gospel and a family oriented event, no music with profane, explicit content, inappropriate or offensive language and no explicit team entry uniform out-fit is allowed.  All music entries Must be gospel/Christian centered.  ***Please note that no sexually explicit dance is allowed. 

The AGDC management team will screen all submitted music entry and will notify the primary contact person regarding acceptance.

All approved entry music must be stored on a USB Flash Drive as a back-up by the entrant and taken to the AGDC event.  Once an entrant’s music has been approved by the AGDC management team, it cannot be switched on the day of the event.  This will lead to disqualification without refund.  Any changing of music must be done ahead of time and still submitted 10 days prior to the date of event.

5 days prior to date of event, the AGDC will provide additional information to the primary contact.  This includes check-in time, program line-up and other pertinent information that you will need to know.

America’s Gospel Dance Championship must approve all props that would be used during event.  Anything that would cause fire or damage to the property will not be approved.  Any kind of liquid or such that would affect the dancing surface is not allowed.  Any entrant intending to use props must email a picture of the props prior to the date of the event to: for approval.  Props not approved prior to the date of the event will not be allowed.

No rehearsal will be permitted on stage.  Entrants will be able to use the two dressing rooms available behind the stage (male and female) in an orderly manner considering the large number of participants that will be present.

The venue, America’s Gospel Dance Championship, Jesus Gone Viral-Acts 4:12 and all America’s Gospel Dance Championship affiliates, sponsors and vendors will not be held liable for any lost or stolen items belonging to entrants.  All entrants are responsible for their own personal items.

 No coaching of the performer by coach is allowed during performance.

America’s Gospel Dance Championship expects good sportsmanship from our all our entrants and general audience throughout performances.  Noise making devices such as whistles and horns are not allowed inside the theatre auditorium.  Points reduction or disqualification may result if adherence is not carried out.  AGDC has the right to escort off the premises any team or teammate, or attendee whose actions are determined to be disruptive or inappropriate.

Taking food or drinks in the theatre auditorium or the dressing rooms on the day of event is prohibited.

No video cameras or photo-taking are allowed except during the award ceremony.  A videographer and photographer are retained by AGDC for this event and a DVD of the event will be made available for purchase by AGDC.  Violation of this can result in points reduction and/or disqualification.

By registering on our website to participate in our event, all entrants grant America’s Gospel Dance Championship and it’s representatives full permission for publication of their videos and photos on promo videos, local or national television, marketing material, the internet and any other media of a visual outlet as deemed necessary by AGDC all in effort of promoting its events in any capacity.

America’s Gospel Dance Championship and its affiliates become the owner of all photos and videos taken at event.  With that said, AGDC reserves the full right to sell any of these photos and videos at its events and on DVD.


America’s Gospel Dance Championship, its management team and volunteers, the venue and all it’s affiliations is not responsible for any injuries that any entrant could incur.  All entrants choosing to participate do so at their own risk.  America’s Gospel Dance Championship will not be held liable for any injuries resulting from any stage related inadvertently unforeseen flaws.

America’s Gospel Dance Championship has full right to make changes to event’s venue, date, time and anything related to the event overall.  AGDC has the right to cancel or postpone an event for any reason deemed necessary.  In such event, all performers and prospective attendees would be notified.

Both attendees and performers consent to our marketing and advertising uses through the photos taken and videos recorded at any AGDC events.  These will be used for but not limited to websites, printing and any other media outlets.

AGDC will only accept participation entries online on a first-come, first-served basis. Participation entries will only be added upon receiving completed entry form, audition video.


Our judges will be awarding points to performances based on criteria such as Originality, Creativity, Costume, Relevance, Presentation, Execution, Movements, Routine, Audience Response, etc…

***Please note that more details on judging criteria and points will be emailed to the primary contact upon entry being accepted to participate in the event.  

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: